About Us

We are a quilt group in Cape Town, South Africa, that meets monthly, sharing our quilt passions. Started in 1999, we now have 50 quilters. All are being encouraged to share here as well.

30 July 2014

A Good Party!

Annual Christmas in July (winter here in the Cape!), Saturday 26 July 2014:  This is the church hall in which we meet each month.

See you on 16th August!

17 July 2014

Good Hope Quilters Guild - Next Quarterly meeting - 2 August 2014

Hello Everyone

I thought you may like to hear what we have planned for the meeting on the 2nd August. It's a really great time to come along as it's a Sampler Day with many exciting techniques being demonstrated. 

This will also be a bring-a-friend day, ALL visitors may enter for free. New members can also take advantage of the membership special - only pay R120 for 18 months - so you are a member from Aug 2014 until May 2016! Join us at 9.30 for shopping at our vendors hall and the meeting follows at 12.00. 

You'll find us at the Northlink College, Tygerberg Campus, Rothschild Boulevard, off Plattekloof Rd, Panorama (opposite Panorama Clinic). Take Exit 18 from the N1 heading from Cape Town towards Paarl. Enquiries can be directed to the President, RenĂ©e de Beyer 021 531 4429 or 0826635640 email website

Carol Minshall

01 June 2014

Meeting and Block for June...

The Creative meeting will be on Saturday 21 June.  The block for this month's Block Draw is a Double-Four-Patch.  I thought it would be simple to add a pdf file here, but not so!  Yes, one can do it by using Google Docs or loading to a file-sharing server, but I am avoiding that route for now.  So I will email everyone.

29 May 2014

Weekend at Goedgedacht

I only have a couple of (grainy) photos of the weekend at glorious Goedgedacht, sorry!

This photo was taken from almost one end of the Barn, just one table behind.  The 24 of us each had a trestle table, no round tables like before.  We didn't need to light the fire until Saturday as the weather was balmy warm on Friday night.  A wonderful thunderstorm could be seen towards Cape Town in the early hours of Saturday.   Food was delicious as was the company!  We had dinners and breakfast provided but we bought own lunches.  Wanted to stay and sew longer, but looking forward to next year - Simmy has booked this venue for two weekends!

Ann vdR laid out the centimeter blocks and the other duplicate/odd size blocks from our first block-draw which she volunteered to sew up - I think it will make a sweet quilt.  Thanks, Ann!

31 March 2014

April meeting and Blogging

I added the group email address to this blog as a recipient (so all the group members will get the blog-post in their email), and after adding a couple of test posts, I thought that my idea of sending everyone the posts didn't work!  But it did!  I just didn't check my spam folder!  There were the two test messages sitting quietly waiting for me to eventually go and see what is in the spam folder.  So, it seemed to work.  The notification only goes out once, within 24 hours of publishing the post.

The point of this is that anyone in the group may write a post, even add a photo, and everyone will get emailed with the post.  If you want to add a blog post, let me know and I'll add you as contributor (or whatever Blogger calls them).   The blog is only open to invited contributors, but everyone in the world may read the blog on-line.

A reminder that the meeting for April will be held on Saturday 12th (not 11th!!!) at the church hall at 2pm.

Please find some time to go and visit the exhibition at Casa Labia.  If clicking on the link doesn't open a page with the details, copy and paste this URL into your address bar: 
The exhibition is the work of local fibre artists and is on until 13 April - and Ann tells me you can have tea there as well!

17 March 2014

March news

We had a great meeting on Saturday, in spite of the disappointment of the almost last-minute exhibition cancellation.  Lots of quilts for show and tell.

Our next meeting is on 11 April at 2 pm at St Pius X Plumstead's hall.

Meantime, go and have a look at "Stitched', the FACT exhibition on at Casa Labia in Muizenberg.

Casa Labia Gallery hours are 10h00 to 16h00 Tuesday to Sunday.

And don't forget to visit:  Kwilts innie Bos quilt exhibition that is scheduled to take place from
27 – 29 of March 2014 at the Blaauwklippen Wine Estate just outside Stellenbosch.

And don't forget to look out for the Block Draw instructions being emailed soon.  We want to see lots of entries!

Have a good month.


10 August 2013

Christmas in July

We had our Christmas in July Lunch on Saturday 20th July at St Piux Church.
It was well attended, we had 45 people on the day.
The guild sponsored the lunch which was delicious chicken pie and vegetable lasagna served with yummy roasted vegetables and green salad. To finish off for dessert Glenda made decadent chocolate brownies which was smothered in ice-cream and custard.

 Everyone was asked to bring 2 gifts - 1 quilting type present & the other a fun one.

The Gifts

Finally a picture of Madeline with her eyes open :)

We each received a note pad, this cute little angel and decorative ribbon.

21 March 2013

March meeting...

... started off in the parking area as the church hall where we meet had been doubled booked!
It was International Quilt Day, so we started a quick group quilt, which we think will be two small quilts for charity.

Very nice shiny newly varnished hall floor!!

10 January 2013

Video star!

Have you had a chance yet to see Simmy's video of the making of her lovely red, black and white quilt?  Well done, Simmy!

And for those familiar with Lucy, she's also a video star!

Welcome to 2013

First meeting for 2013 is on
Saturday 19 January - bring your finished and in-progress quilts to share!

14 December 2012

Messages of Love

Messages of Love
View the St. Peter’s love quilts and Celebrate South Africa

Saturday – Sunday, January 12 - 13, 2013
At the Fish Hoek , Civic Center

       Exhibition of the love quilts of St Peter’s Church
Tea/coffee and snacks offered
9:00 - 3:00pm both days
The St. Peter’s Love Quilt Project is working with The St. Francis Outreach Trust in Simon’s Town, to make special quilts for AIDS orphans.  This project has reached out to schools, churches, scout troops, and others who create art squares with beautiful messages of love to the children in South Africa.  The art squares teach about equality and the power of supporting children in need.  Quilters from around the United States have volunteered to make quilts incorporating the art squares. All funds raised from this event directly support the quilt project and the orphans in South Africa.

03 December 2012

December meeting

This Saturday (8 December) from 9am - a fun UFO day - a time to sit and sew - if you'll be there at 12:30 for lunch, bring a plate of snacky eats.  If you can only come at 2pm, no problem - get the penultimate Block of Month - and don't forget we'll be drawing the raffle for the gorgeous group quilt we made.

Have you seen the blog that the Bloemfontein group has?  Oranje Quilters' Guild!

13 November 2012

November meeting

This month's meeting this Saturday starts earlier at 1:30 pm as we have a full programme of Applique techniques. If you have samples or quilts with Applique, bring them to share.

02 November 2012

31 October 2012


Last night, Simmy, Glenda, Mary, Tracy, Carol and Karen were busy planning the next year's meetings... lots of inspiring and exciting things in store for the Group... don't miss November's meeting.

29 October 2012

Popped into Stitch n Stuff today and was so excited to see all the new material they have got.....mmm cant wait to get started on a quilt for my sister for christmas!!!

27 October 2012

Just had a minor panic attack!!!Ive just realised how close Christmas is and how much work I still need to do for all the gifts Im making......

23 October 2012

How to add to this blog

We have a person keen to add pictures to this blog, yay!

And this is what I wrote to her;

From within the blog I need to invite you to be an author.  I think you should get an email from Blogger with some sort of verification, just follow that.  If you don't get it let me know!  (I was doing a test to remind me, but the email hasn't arrrived yet.)

UPDATE:   The Blogger xxx has invited you to contribute to the blog: Creative Quilters.
To contribute to this blog, visit:   and a web-link is sent to you.
You'll need to sign in with a Google Account to confirm the invitation and start posting to this blog. If you don't have a Google Account yet, we'll show you how to get one in minutes.
To learn more about Blogger and starting your own free blog visit

Then on this blog page at top right hand-side "Log In"  "Sign In".

You should then see somewhere an orange block with a pen (if you hover over says "Create new post") > click on it.

Then you can add a Title, some text in the bigger box, and there is a row of buttons, one is to add image.

Once you happyish about it, click on "Publish".

If you click on "View Blog" whilst signed in, there are editing icons on the blog.

If any of this doesn't work, I'll do some screens shots and email them to you.

Happy quilting and blogging.

22 October 2012

October meeting

We had a great meeting on Saturday, with two visitors.  No photos were taken!  The Applique demos have been held over until November. 

A few of the group have been invited to be authors on this blog.  If you would like to contribute let me know.

09 July 2012

Some news

It's just past mid-winter - and on Saturday it is our "Christmas in July" - and boy the weather the last three days has been really wet and cold.  If you are attending, don't forget what to bring!

We've done six blocks of the month - maybe this should go on until everyone has contributed :)

Who is going to be the next to add to this blog?   If you don't know how, contact me and I will show you that is easy!

Keep warm, Karen.

11 February 2012

Patchwork Bag Demo. 18th February

Here we are. Are you ready ?

88 squares needed....say 4" squares.
The best bags are made up of several [lots] of different colours and patterns.
Thin batting...say 1 mtr.

4 large buttons.
2 strips fabric...3" x 18"
2 strips batting....3" x 16"

Sewing needle, thread, scissors,etc. See you at the Meeting.

22 January 2012


This blog is now readable by anyone.  If you belong to Creative Quilters (in Cape Town) and wish to add to this blog, contact Karen!

At the meeting yesterday we promised to put something here, but I can't remember what!  Please let me know.

29 December 2011



here are my latest works of 'art'.

"Podcats" "Stalker"

"Avocato" "Pumpcat"

Next: shashing, borders, sandwiching [is there such a word?], quilting and binding.

Nothing to it really!

21 December 2011


Yay!  It's holiday time (for lots of us) - hope you will find time to sew.  Welcome to all those who have managed to navigate blogger, and been able to see what's (not) happening here.

Here is a link to a non-quilting site: bbc
The connection here is that we had these at home, and my daughter will be living very close to these babies for the next six months.

And for a quilting link.

10 December 2011

At meeting

sample block
Sue and Madeline and Anne being show what happens when you write and make a new post

26 November 2011

Quilt Labels

Let's have some pictures of what you are working on this week!

Here is mine, the start of Bonnie Hunter's latest mystery quilt:

For those who shy away from labels, here is an easy-ish suggestion from Sleepy Owl Studio.